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they have a lot of evidence.and think dimaggio could be headed either to texas or canada. but they're not ruling anything out. the f-b-i is helping in the investigation. >>"now we have a system that reaches everybody who has a cell phone" >> reporter:chp officer daniel hill is refering to a new cellphone amber alert system that made its recent debut on mobile devices statewide >>"it's been in the works for a couple of years, this is the first deployment in the state of california" >> reporter:as you can see this amber alert was issued out of blvd california, it states the license plate of the suspect vehicle as well as the make and model >>"we hope by getting the information outreduce the time that a child goes missing" >> reporter:so in addition to those familiar california highway amber alert signs, or logging on the national center for missing and exploited children's website, that same information will be sent to directly to cellphonesalong with other emergency alerts as well >>"mass evacuations, things of natural disasters" >> reporter:and while the new cellphone amber alert s
, the commission village shopping center and the fairfield high school is also close. north texas street is also a close area and people are being evacuated along the texas st. there are multiple hotspots in this area. they have are having difficulty. >> pam: absolutely, it is easy to have those hot embers move from one home to another. and also, another breaking news story there has been a motorcycle accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge. this is west of treasure island impacting eastbound traffic. this is the change like. and the traffic is not moving at all this is the change-look the james lick this only happened about 15 minutes ago. the right lane is the only lane opened and there is a massive back up. angela can you tell us what is going on? >> caller: always stopped on the first on ramp and i've been stopped here for a least 10 minutes. . and there was even an ambulance. with fire trucks. >> pam: the lanes are merging? >> caller: i have not even gotten to treasure island. >> >> what we have heard is that this has happened right in treasure island in the backup is going to take qui
they did more yelling pay no attention to this driver he is from texas and in texas that must be how they do things come to think of it they do that here too moving on. you see the bay bridge is closed so we can get a new slightly safer bridge that will last 150 years or the next big quake which ever comes first hey dude the bridge is the other way. there you go. some people thought is was safe to sneak across the bridge in the carpool lane as a solo driver it wasn't these guys got into a finder bender so what better place to exchange information than in a lane of traffic if traffic is backed up simply ise the on coming traffic lane after all no one else is using it the one thins that seems to who are in such a rush that they don't have time to wait like normal people you can make left turns when it cleary reads no left turns and you absolutely must lay on the horn who cares its illegal and annoying .althought i must admit it worked here rememeber to make your own turning lane pay no attention to the man with the parking enforcement ticket book oh and stay off your cell phones, unle
. >> pam: in 2011 - cameras caught this texas rangers fan falling about 20 feet to his death >> pam: going over the balcony - trying to catch a ball tossed to him by outfielder josh hamilton. the man had apparently been trying to get a ball for his little boy who was standing all happen. >> pam: >> catherine: tonight a medical examiner says ronald homer junior did not have any injuries other than those from the fall. >> catherine: testing is continuing that will determine whether alcohol might have been a factor. >> pam: a homicide in east palo alto leaves one woman dead. kron 4's will tran has details about how investigators were tipped off about the crime. >> reporter: took off by the suspect. the suspect was driving in redwood city and got into a crash. but for dui talk with investigators he gave them information about possible homicide at this location. so from 930 last night until 6:00 in the morning setting up for the east palo out to to come to this location. when inside one of the units and that is where they found the woman dead inside. here is what the spokesman had to say about
. >> people are up in arms about this. >> as julie chen confronts big brothers over racial slurs. >> in texas we say things. i am trying to help you. >>> lamar odom arrested and why khloe's husband was thrown in jail. >>> miley's raunchy photos as dr. laura goes on the attack. >> she's a disgusting little pig. >> then -- >> i might be able to stand in the space i hold for myself without the march. >> more from kevin's emotional interview with oprah on her rousing i have a dream remembered speech. >> such a powerful moment. >> i couldn't believe it was happening to me. >>> plus, tv's new revenge weight loss show. >> hear what the woman slimming down to confront the ex who shamed her. >> my heart was, like, beating out of my chest. >>> and genie, barbara eden at 82. >>> now, where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 access to celebrity news, "omg! insider." >> khloe kardashian's husband locked up for an alleged dui, hi, everyone, i'm thea andrews, kevin is in dallas with oprah. their tearful conversation is coming up. michael yo is here with me tonight. >> hello, everyone, a lot of trending trac
says they were there to say goodbye -- because dimaggio was planning to move to texas. that's one of the places where investigators are looking for him. >> pam: also developing tonight--- family members of a missing oakland woman are reaching out for the publics help. police now have sandra coke's two cell phones and her car. but there is still no signs of the 50- year old woman. police found one of her cellphones in emeryville, and the other on highway- 80 in richmond. her 2007 mini cooper was found monday night. parked two- miles from where she was last seen by her family at her home in the 600- block of aileen street in oakland. her sister tells kron 4, before sandra coke went missing, she had planned to meet someone who had information about her lost dog. her sister also says, coke, a federal investigator, is *not the type to leave without telling anyone. >> my sister is a criminal investigator in well known and of standing citizen in the legal industry in the east bay. we do not know what has happened but it is really out of character for her to be out of touch with her fami
. will talk more about the fire danger and a thunderstorm coming up in just a bit. >> pam: still ahead. texas senator ted cruz is the media darling of the tea party. why the republican contender for president has a big problem. and we'll explain how suspected kidnapper james dimaggio used various methods to cause the death of hannah anderson's mother and brother. >> catherine: the haight bowl letter sent anonymous must anonymously to the autistic child passed up a hat. up ahead! hat. up ahead! Ășo hat. up ahead! i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. >> reporter: of hannah anderson continues. san diego county authorities james dimaggio used *timers to set fire to his home -- where the girl's mother and brother were found dead
daughter is sleeping and an outside creeper watching her that's what happened to a family in texas this weekend - they discovered the problem when they heard a man yelling at their toddler, reading her name off of her bedroom wall. he was saying "wake up allyson, you little." the gilberts believe their device was hacked. it felt like somebody broke into our house. someone kind of did - and as home automation becomes increasingly popular, there are more and more ways to hack your house. vulnerable. i can tell the veralite, "please unlock the door." that's a hacker literally unlocking your door. the "smart lock" is connected to a device that enables you to control home appliances from your phone. daniel crowley, a security researcher, found a flaw in that device. actually run code on the veralite - and compromise it, just set up a back door, or i can control any device hooked up to it. types of devices - that let you do everything from flush your toilet to turn on your lights through your smartphone -- a hacker could haunted. basically what i can do is open up any of these rooms that
to sign autographs today texas eight and m head media day and mandel was not to be found. his port coach as usual have to talk to the heisman trophy winner. >> in the last of 4024 hours, we've become aware of that situation and we would deal with it accordingly. >> gary: all right, thanks for nothing there. >> gary: his parents are multimillionaire rhythmic oil people. and heisman trophy won and had to 10,000 policies at the that his parents purchased for him they have the finances not to get shoved around. it goes back to what we say all the time appeared if this guy is spending an hour a day is signing football. i defend all again, suspend him for the first to give us the major he's back for the third game against alabama. so did not suspend him to three games. >> catherine: i am supposed to ask you about rodriguez's but to convert it covered it! pete >> gary: when we come back gary radnich does hockey with catherine heenan next! look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv
on a case at the moment. a's lose the series and now two games back up texas. in the american league west. >> reporter:red sox fans always travel well.sox in first place in the american league east. >> reporter: 51 sox this juncture and it got worse for the giant spirit and the ball still drops. 5.63 they bring on scary moment at citi field in new york today braves outfielder jason heyward at the plate >> reporter: watch this 90 mi. an hour pitch him and the job. it being tam after spitting up blood but with this shot here to the face. but later diagnosed with a broken jaw. his regular season is all but over he could be back in time for the play offs. >> reporter: talk about shot to the face square that offender box fort pierre way vote during a champion league match. the worst cut he has ever seen and. forced to leave the match arsenal did go on to win. >> reporter:the 49ers host the vikings sunday at candlestick park.look for the starters to play about a half and then rest up for the regular season opener against the colts september 8th. >> reporter:now earlier today today espn football
. >> catherine: the army psychiatrist charged with killing fellow soldiers at fort hood, texas has been found guilty on all counts. not a surprise. since major nidal hasan refused to present any defense at his court martial. he was convicted of 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder for the 2009 attack. it's possible now that he'll get the death penalty. hasan acted as his own attorney -- and did not call a single witness. the u.s. soldier who admitted to killing 16 afghan civilians has been spared the death penalty. staff sergeant robert bales has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. he pleaded guilty in june to more than 30 criminal charges including 16 counts of pre-meditated murder. that plea took the death penalty off the table. >> jacqueline: '70s and '80s is what we saw. through the golden gate some cloud coverage but we still have some fog along the immediate coast. this wide spread fog tonight for your saturday. it will be slow to clear. in fact it will continue for this weekend. as that fog becomes less extensive. the satellite showing clear conditions thi
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11